The College of English at shangwai two thousand and ten Since the implementation of the cultural reform of English major education, remarkable results have been achieved. The professional awareness of teachers and students has been greatly enhanced, and the students' understanding of English major is becoming more and more in-depth. English major is not only a major for learning English. As a humanities discipline, English major needs to cultivate talents of Humanities and social sciences who are proficient in English, have a wide range of humanistic knowledge, have a solid structure of professional knowledge, and have the potential of sustainable development.

In April 219, after nearly a decade of humanistic education reform, the College of English took the lead in creating "humanities experimental class" in China, increasing the training of professional top-notch innovative talents, exploring the training mechanism of high-end, elite and professional talents, and improving the overall level of talent training and building a first-class undergraduate course through the innovative mode and benchmarking role of the experimental class, Cultivate more high-end professionals to lead the transformation and development of English Majors in China.

"Humanities experimental class" adopts tutorial system, through one-to-one guidance, to guide students from passive listening to active autonomous learning, from learning English to research-based learning. The "humanities experimental class" will be carried out through seminar courses "Chinese and foreign cultural classics" and“ Chinese and foreign literature, history and Philosophy ”Etc Lecture series In the form of submitting the report of reading experience and organizing the students' seminar, the students can broaden their academic vision, help them master the basic academic research methods, cultivate their problem awareness and independent thinking ability, and lay a solid professional foundation for the future master's and doctor's degree studies.

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