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Hou Weirui, male, one thousand nine hundred and forty-three Born in Shanghai, Professor, doctoral supervisor, director of the British Literature Research Association. one thousand nine hundred and sixty-five He graduated from the English Department of Shanghai Institute of Foreign Studies (now the English College of 宝宝腿抬高点坐下来) and stayed in the university to teach. one thousand nine hundred and seventy-nine As one of the first batch of scholars sent to Sydney University in Australia, he majored in British and American literature and took linguistics courses, one thousand nine hundred and eighty-one He received a master of Arts Degree in. one thousand nine hundred and eighty-four He was vice president of Shanghai Institute of foreign languages, one thousand nine hundred and eighty-five He was promoted from a lecturer to a professor, one thousand nine hundred and eighty-six He was approved by the Ministry of education to become a doctoral supervisor, one thousand nine hundred and eighty-seven He was awarded the title of "national young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions" issued by the Ministry of personnel of the people's Republic of China. two thousand and one year one Yue died in Shanghai because of invalid treatment.
Professor Hou Weirui has made great achievements in his major in British and American literature. He is rigorous in his scholarship and keeps writing, one thousand nine hundred and eighty-three Year to two thousand During the year, he published academic papers fifty He has published many monographs and translated works two hundred Among them, the history of modern English fiction, English style, literary stylistics, British English and American English, and a general history of British fiction have a great influence and are well received by the academic circles. The representative work history of modern English fiction is one of the earliest Monographs on the systematic study of English literature in China“ 1979-1985 Shanghai philosophy and Social Sciences outstanding works Award (first prize)( one thousand nine hundred and eighty-six )And "the first National University Humanities and social sciences research outstanding achievement award (second prize)"( one thousand nine hundred and ninety-five )And honor. Professor Hou Weirui was also the editor in chief of the Journal of foreign languages, and contributed to the establishment and development of the magazine.
Professor Hou Weirui devoted his whole life to the teaching of British and American literature. He worked hard and tirelessly, and cultivated a large number of master's and doctor's degree. 2O The rapid development of linguistics in the 20th century has greatly promoted the study of literature. The foreign English literature research circle has begun to apply the achievements of stylistics to literary research, and interpret and comment on literary texts through the analysis of linguistic information of literary texts. Professor Hou Weirui is one of the early scholars to explore and study this field in China, one thousand nine hundred and eighty-one The course of "Research on language style of literary works" has been set up independently in English Department since, which is a pioneering move in China. Based on his years of research and teaching practice, he has made a great contribution to the research and teaching practice one thousand nine hundred and ninety-six In 1999, he compiled the mimeograph textbook literary stylistics as a textbook for graduate students majoring in English. two thousand and eight year nine In January, literary stylistics was published by Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press and gradually became one of the classic textbooks of British and American literature.
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